Taking a Break from Blogging

Since I launched my blog in March I’ve posted three times a week. Now I’m going to take a break from posting until early 2014. If you have questions or would like to schedule coaching services, please get in touch.

How to Get Your Book Written

You have lots of ideas about how to proceed, and by tapping your own wisdom, you can create your own plan for developing and completing your book.

Writing a Single Second

Artist Cesar Kuriyama spent a year videotaping one second every day. What if we started a One Second Every Day journal and filled it with sense impressions?

Working a Scene a Day

So it’s official. I’m going to spend a month—probably November—writing a scene or two a week, maybe every day. If you want to join me, here are some resources to help us get started.

Play with Paints

This exercise can help you experience your creative energy in a new way. The process of writing can be as fluid as the process of painting.

The Art of Getting Lost

Wander, observe, and discover your city with this guide to the art of getting lost.

The Writing Journey

In a recent post I compared the writing process to climbing a mountain. Now that I’ve just returned from the longest and the first international trip I’ve ever taken, I can compare the writing process to making a journey.

Slowing Down Time

Want to create 3-D characters and scenes? Slow down time!

Channels of Experience

Developing your sense awareness can help you write more engaging descriptions, images, and characters. This meditation and writing exercise can help you explore and deepen your channels of experience.

Mandala Meditations

Using a mandala as a meditative practice can help you focus inwardly and center yourself more fully in your writing.