Play with Paints

This exercise can help you experience your creative energy in a new way. The process of writing can be as fluid as the process of painting.

The Art of Getting Lost

Wander, observe, and discover your city with this guide to the art of getting lost.

Mandala Meditations

Using a mandala as a meditative practice can help you focus inwardly and center yourself more fully in your writing.

Post-AROHO: A Renewed Sense of Writing

Ever since I took Janet Fitch’s master class at the AROHO retreat, my evening walks have been transformed into sense adventures.

On Blossoming

Another writing lesson cultivated in my garden, right next to the beans.

Writing to Music

Listen to this meditative music from Michelle Qureshi and do some proprioceptive writing to tap into the wisdom of your inner voice.

Breathe, Meditate, Write

Breath meditation can help you center your awareness in your body and open you to a more relaxed, compassionate, and authentic way to write.

Logging Your Process

Here’s a quick and easy way to keep track of your writing. You’ll be amazed at how this simple practice, over time, can free you to accept exactly where you are.

Giving Yourself Permission to Write

Sometimes asking myself better questions is all I need to do to find my writing focus and turn my day around.

Making Space for Your Writing Seeds to Grow

Give yourself the freedom to write any way you please.