Play with Paints

This exercise can help you experience your creative energy in a new way. The process of writing can be as fluid as the process of painting.

Channels of Experience

Developing your sense awareness can help you write more engaging descriptions, images, and characters. This meditation and writing exercise can help you explore and deepen your channels of experience.

Mandala Meditations

Using a mandala as a meditative practice can help you focus inwardly and center yourself more fully in your writing.

Present Sense Awareness

This exercise brings together meditation and writing suggestions designed to help you heighten your awareness of the things you see, smell, taste, hear, and feel.

Writing with Kwan Yin

Reflect on this image of Kwan Yin—meditate on her image if you like—and write your responses to her presence.

Quote of the Week

“I came to the conclusion then that ‘continual mindfulness’ … must mean, not a sergeant-major-like drilling of thoughts, but a continual readiness to look and readiness to accept whatever came.”—Marion Milner

Breathe, Meditate, Write

Breath meditation can help you center your awareness in your body and open you to a more relaxed, compassionate, and authentic way to write.