Writing a Single Second

Artist Cesar Kuriyama spent a year videotaping one second every day. What if we started a One Second Every Day journal and filled it with sense impressions?

Channels of Experience

Developing your sense awareness can help you write more engaging descriptions, images, and characters. This meditation and writing exercise can help you explore and deepen your channels of experience.

Stretching the Sense of Sound

These two videos may change your ideas about the sense of sound. What can we really hear? Let’s go far out and far into two unusual soundscapes.

Present Sense Awareness

This exercise brings together meditation and writing suggestions designed to help you heighten your awareness of the things you see, smell, taste, hear, and feel.

Quote of the Week

“You can tell someone is beautiful by the attention you give to description. You should give that kind of love to everything you describe.”—Janet Fitch

Post-AROHO: A Renewed Sense of Writing

Ever since I took Janet Fitch’s master class at the AROHO retreat, my evening walks have been transformed into sense adventures.